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Construction of packaging design culture

packaging design, as a new material form created by human beings, is a material culture constructed under the influence of various cultures, reflecting certain cultural connotation and social and cultural characteristics, and has always been moving and developing under the influence, restriction and nourishment of various cultural behaviors. Please also pay more attention to our company's other experimental machine knowledge

key words: material culture construction integration

cultural construction of packaging design refers to various cultural characteristics embodied in packaging design under the influence of culture. Culture is the sum of material wealth and spiritual wealth created in the process of human historical practice, so packaging design culture is a new material culture that includes all people's behavior ways and meets these behavior ways due to the self-adjusting effect of the ball head. It is constructed from three three three-dimensional levels

material layer - practical function layer

material culture; Combination layer - form layer (aesthetic function layer); Design

psychological layer - conceptual layer

from the chart, we can know that the practical function layer is the outer layer of the packaging design culture, which reflects the outer layer of the material of the packaging design, and contains the material carrier of the elements of the design culture, which is related to people's most basic needs. Through it, we can directly understand the consumption behavior in packaged products. The middle layer of packaging design is the formal layer, which contains the practical function layer and the inner culture of design. It has strong epochal and continuity, coordinates the relationship between the elements of the design system, standardizes the design behavior and evaluates the organizational system that guides the design. Due to the diversity of packaging design, the choice of design behavior must be closely related to the aesthetic concept of consumers, so the formal level of packaging design can also be called the aesthetic function level. The conceptual level at the bottom is the most stable design level of packaging design. It is closely connected with cultural tradition and the accumulation of national traditional culture. Therefore, it can also be considered as the consciousness level of culture. It is in the core and leading position, and it is also the soul of design culture. It exists in people's hearts, and thus stipulates its own development and laws, and absorbs, transforms or repels heterogeneous cultural elements, It is the basis and basis for all activities of all elements of the design culture system

the practical function layer is the most active. It changes frequently. It is not only infiltrated by science and technology, painting art, but also affected by the shape and nature of packaging products. The formal level is closely connected with the aesthetic concept of consumers. Therefore, it is the most authoritative level. It stipulates the overall nature of the packaging design culture, is an important link to maintain the relationship between the outer layer and the bottom layer of the design, is the guarantee for the scientific and effective implementation of the packaging design to reassure new and old customers to use our company's products, and is also the criterion for the design to spare no effort to study the market and the demanders to engage in packaging design activities. The conceptual level of design mainly reflects people's moral and ethical concepts, social psychological concepts, national traditional cultural concepts, etc. The three levels are integrated and penetrated into each other, and are integrated and reflected in each specific packaging individual

first, the influence of painting on packaging design

the influence of painting on packaging design is the most direct and basic. First of all, the "form" and "color" involved in the modeling language of painting are the same as the creation of "form" and "color" in the screen modeling language of objects involved in packaging design. Therefore, the modeling language of painting provides the most basic means to express the design intention for packaging design. From the sketch in the early stage of design conception to the basic establishment of design scheme, all these means of expression depend on the application of sketch, sketch and color in painting, which has an inseparable relationship. Therefore, the art school of painting will be the most direct and reflected in the performance style of packaging design at the fastest speed. The packaging full of bright colors and decorative patterns during the Art Nouveau movement and the decorative art movement, as well as the symbolic expression methods, are a true portrayal of the art culture at that time. Nowadays, as various art schools compete with each other, a hundred flowers bloom and seize the consumer market with their own unique styles

Second, the impact of products on packaging design

the object of packaging design is products, through which people can solve various spiritual and material problems encountered in life. Through its packaging, products provide people with an imagination and association of internal products, create an artistic conception and the characteristics of general works of art, and enhance the connotation of products. From the concept of products, packaging design is a kind of communication of visual information. It should solve the problems of product promotion, corporate image publicity, product category, nature, quality description and so on. In terms of packaging form, in order to facilitate transportation, protect and store products and reduce environmental pollution, it must first consider the shape and structure of products. The so-called tailor-made clothes is the most appropriate relationship between the two. Therefore, we can regard packaging design as the twin brother of products. Human product history is closely linked with packaging design. With the continuous development of various products and the increase of product richness, it brings endless opportunities to packaging design and timely affects the development and innovation of packaging design

Third, the impact of science and technology on packaging design

Science and technology is an important part of human culture, which plays a great role in promoting the development of human culture. Its influence on packaging design is reflected in two aspects: as a universal law and method, it belongs to knowledge science and technology. As a guide to consumer behavior and thought, it belongs to the concept of science and technology, that is, consumers' scientific attitude and scientific spirit

information technology, engineering technology and packaging materials contained in science and technology have the most important impact on packaging design. The development of information technology, the innovation of engineering technology, and the development of computer design software have brought revolutionary changes to the content, expression methods, plate making and printing technology of packaging design, and affected the style change of packaging design. Designers can diversify the image and shape design of packaging in a larger spatial scale. Under the command of computer, from large-scale packaging and printing production to small-scale packaging and printing production, from CMYK four-color printing to printing with more than 8 colors, and the special printing effect of some innovative technologies, the packaging design meets the diversified needs of the society

science and technology in concept and consciousness is that people apply the scientific concept of development to affect packaging design. With the rapid development of economy, people's living standards and consumption concepts have changed greatly, and gradually merged into the era of green revolution, including green products, green materials, etc. For the packaging industry, it is urgent to promote and develop green packaging. The design concept of packaging design must change from the commercialized design that fully satisfies people's desire for things in the past to the ecological design that coordinates people with the natural environment

IV. The Influence of traditional culture on packaging design

traditional culture is the sum of civilizations accumulated by human beings in the process of historical practice, and it is the embodiment of national spirit. In the long history of development, each country will form its own traditional culture with its own characteristics. The design activities of any nation cannot be separated from the specific social and cultural system, and cannot be separated from their own national spirit. The Chinese nation pays attention to the overall consciousness, stresses orthodoxy and ethics, pays attention to order and positive perfection in thinking and understanding, and likes to be stable, upward and perfect. These traditional cultural concepts are particularly prominent in the packaging of some traditional products

v. the impact of aesthetic concept on packaging design

aesthetic concept includes aesthetic taste, aesthetic standard and aesthetic ideal. Aesthetic concept directly guides people's aesthetic practice activities. It not only restricts people's creation of beautiful things, but also plays a leading role in people's aesthetic direction. In fact, it promotes the formation of specific aesthetic requirements and aesthetic styles that a certain group, a certain region or a certain nation in society abide by

VI. The Influence of social psychology on packaging design

social psychology mainly realizes the spiritual function of products through packaging design, conveys the emotion of human deep consciousness, communicates each other's spiritual life, and objectively reflects the basic tendency and possible development trend of social life changes. It is the constraint condition of packaging design, one of the bases that directly affect the formulation of packaging design scheme, and also provides psychological basis for the accurate positioning of packaging design

VII. The impact of ethical concepts on packaging design

design, as a means and tool to care about human nature and benefit mankind, its highest purpose and ultimate goal should be to create a happy survival and lifestyle for mankind. Nowadays, the gradually formed "people-oriented" ecological design is an important embodiment of the development of modern human ethics. Therefore, in line with modern ethical thoughts, rational modern humans seek the principle of balancing interests in the survival of nature and human beings, take the common future of all mankind as the starting point, and take ecological design as the inevitable choice of modern packaging design. Europe took the lead in introducing cloth bags and environmentally friendly paper bags instead of the most harmful plastic bags. Some high-cost gift boxes can be returned to the point of sale for reuse if they are not damaged after sale

from the above analysis, it can be seen that things created under the influence of various cultures will inevitably reflect certain cultural connotations and certain social and cultural characteristics. As a new material form created by human beings, packaging design is a material culture with new characteristics constructed under the influence of various cultures, and has always been moving and developing under the influence, restraint and nourishment of various cultural behaviors

(Wu Feifei, Department of art and design, Shanghai Institute of Applied Technology)

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