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Electrical equipment industry: Data Unicom empowers the construction of charging pile platform, and it is suggested to focus on the charging operation leader


on June 30, adjust the interval between the main body and the dynamometer according to the shape and foundation drawing and adjust the direction. On June 30, the "enlightenment action for the interconnection of charging facilities and the product press conference of the technology platform of the bank" hosted by LIANHANG technology was held in Beijing. Representatives of shareholders such as state grid, southern power, special call, star charging, etc Representatives of new energy vehicle manufacturers, travel enterprises, industrial association and the media attended. LIANHANG technology released the interconnection basic platform to the guests for the first time, and released the platform's first derivative product for the public - LIANHANG Yicheng tmapp at the same time


LIANHANG Yicheng app launched by LIANHANG technology has many access to public piles, and has been able to realize the basic payment function: in the first half of the year, the platform has signed more than 30 charging operators, with 350000 access to public charging piles, accounting for 80% of the domestic total; There are 170000 public charging piles that are deeply interconnected and fully support start-up, stop, payment and settlement. The inter-bank Yichang app has been opened in Beijing, Tianjin, Chengdu and Xi'an. It will be launched in Xiamen, Quanzhou, Fuzhou, Hangzhou, Nanjing and other cities in August to work with industrial ecological partners to accelerate the intelligent connection of charging business and build a symbiotic, shared and win-win electric vehicle service ecosystem

the launch of LIANHANG Yicheng app has opened the "UnionPay" mode of the charging operation industry, marking the beginning of the era of mutual benefit and sharing: at present, there are still problems in the charging service market, such as lack of regulatory data, lagging information, and low level of platform interconnection. The interconnection platform launched by LIANHANG technology will provide solutions to these problems. The LIANHANG escape charging app connects the existing decentralized charging operators to a public pile assembled on the sample vehicle for professionals to review the appearance, realizes the comprehensive and real-time transmission of charging pile information, solves the needs derived from the charging of electric vehicles such as users finding piles, finding the right piles, charging nearby, and less queuing, and will help the sales of electric vehicles while improving the convenience of charging for consumers. Although the current platform only realizes basic functions such as settlement and payment, the birth of this app can be seen as the starting point of charging operation data sharing. In the future, it will greatly improve the utilization of existing charging facilities and open up imagination for value-added applications of charging data

data Unicom brings development opportunities to charging operation enterprises, and operators with strong endogenous competitiveness still benefit the most: the early pile construction investment in the charging pile operation industry is large, and the cash inflow of operation return is small. Whether it can survive the layout stage in the previous few years is the main barrier of the industry, so the industry concentration is high. The data connection of charging infrastructure will bring significant traffic flow to those charging piles with good location and rich scenes, while the utilization improvement of those charging piles with long distance, high damage rate and non-standard interface is limited. In the short term, the improvement of charging convenience of new energy vehicles will accelerate the charging capacity of the industry. Another component can be sprayed outside the press, and unified app drainage is expected to benefit all operators. However, in the long run, which operator will be channeled to still depends on the operator's operation and maintenance and service capabilities. With the continuous progress of modified technology, the scene richness, the number of charging piles and other endogenous competitiveness. The leading companies in the charging operation industry will still be in a competitive position with better technical strength and operation and maintenance capabilities in the long-term race

investment suggestions:

the future focus of the charging pile is mainly on the expansion and improvement of incremental charging facilities and the intellectualization and informatization upgrading of the existing charging network, so as to comprehensively build an intelligent charging ecosystem. We suggest the following two main investment lines: 1) focus on recommending charging operators: pay attention to the leading charging operators tride and Wanma shares; 2) Charging equipment manufacturers and supporting suppliers: mainly including complete machine manufacturers, charging module and other power supply equipment manufacturers. It is recommended to pay attention to: yingkerui (charging module leader), Heshun electric (elastic target), kestar (robust undervalued target)

risk tips:

the construction of charging pile platform is not as expected; The selling price of charging piles has fallen sharply; The implementation of relevant subsidy policies did not meet expectations

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