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The construction of hydropower plant information system based on EIP platform has brought unprecedented opportunities and challenges to China's power industry. Driven by information technology, the power industry, as a national infrastructure industry, is transforming from a traditional industry to a highly intensive, highly knowledgeable and highly information-based one

in modern information society, people cannot live without electricity for a moment. However, the power generated by power plants, through transmission, power supply to users, the whole process is inseparable from information management. The informatization construction of electric power industry started early, and has been divided into three stages so far, because the strain of elastic elements is in direct proportion to the size of external force P. The first stage was from the 1960s to 1970s, mainly the automatic control of production process; The 1980s is the second stage, which is the application stage of special business; The 1990s is the third stage, which gradually extends from the operation level to the management level, that is, the era of integrated management information system. The automation monitoring system, power dispatching automation system, power load management system, power CAD system and computer simulation system involving power plants and substations have been widely used, and their monitoring data can be extracted to provide basic data for processing and analysis

whether the thermal adhesion of our packaging materials is suitable or not directly affects the filling efficiency and bag breaking rate of the production line. Compared with other industries such as domestic finance, railway, taxation, etc., the informatization construction of China's power industry is comparable and has its own characteristics, but compared with western developed countries, there is a big gap on the whole. Only in terms of hardware infrastructure, the power system has a total of 180 million employees vigorously promoting advanced energy-saving technologies and products, and has 150000 computers, with a per capita share of less than 10%, while abroad has reached 30 ~ 40%. Therefore, the core of the next informatization of power system is to take data as the center, share data and increase the investment in informatization, among which the integrated management information system will become the focus of development. With the "three fusion" gradually becoming the development trend of network information technology, the power system will also build "three fusion" comprehensive business data to form a unified system that can simplify the process, so as to better improve work efficiency

a hydropower plant in Hunan was built in the 1990s, with a total installed capacity of 1.485 million KW. It is the leading power plant in the cascade development of the Yuan river. The annual average power generation is 5.37 billion kwh, and two 500 kV voltage level outgoing lines are adopted. The highest dam is 85.83m high, with a total storage capacity of 4.2 billion m3. The navigation building is currently the largest single track continuous three-level ship lock in China. The power plant is mainly for power generation, and also has the functions of water transportation, flood control, irrigation and so on

due to the particularity of industrial application, the production management of hydropower plants needs to be highly centralized and unified. The whole management system is a unified and efficient information network established according to the objective of hydropower production, which means that it is quite difficult to realize the reform. It can collect, transmit, process and feed back the information generated in the process of production, operation and management in a timely and accurate manner, and realize the data sharing within the whole plant for production Business management provides modern management means and scientific decision support. As the representative of domestic industrial control brands, Yanxiang industrial control computer plays an important role in the information system engineering of hydropower plants

system composition:

adapt to various fieldbus standards

soft start motor control technology

support various PLC devices

based on Windows NT platform

meet the international electromagnetic compatibility series standards

system configuration:

field control machine PPC - 1200/586vdnhgx/memory 128M/hard disk 30g

local control machine IPC - 810/FSC - 1612vn/CPU piii800/memory 256 M/hard disk 70g

management server:: IPC - 8205/FSC - 1719vn/CPU p4800/memory 512M/hard disk 80g

industrial control computer ipc810, as a mature product in Yanxiang power application, undertakes key applications in the information management system of the system, Be responsible for the storage, management, analysis, test value prediction, document, report generation, safety monitoring and other auxiliary service functions of the collected data of the hydropower plant information management system

after the system is successfully built, it runs well, which greatly improves the work efficiency of the whole system, strengthens the ability and content of serving the society, improves the reputation and popularity of the company, achieves the expected work needs, and is approved and praised by relevant water conservancy and hydropower experts

some successful application customers of Yanxiang in the power system: Hunan electric power, Central South electric power, Tianjin electric power, Heilongjiang electric power, Wanqing electric power, northwest electric power administration, Fujian Electric Power Design Institute, Heilongjiang electric power administration, etc

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