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Construction of Yuchai college students' apartment started

Guide: on the morning of February 15, the long-awaited college students' apartment of Yuchai employees officially started construction. Yanping, chairman of the board of directors of Yuchai group company, Li Tiansheng, vice chairman, Gu tangsheng, President, Zhang Jiasha, deputy secretary of the Party committee and other company leaders, all the staff of the headquarters of the group company and all departments of the joint-stock company lead domestic diaphragm enterprises. In terms of materials, there is still a lack of stable supply source of diaphragm special materials that can really meet the demand, and the large number of new Yuchai

on the morning of February 15, the construction of Yuchai staff's long-awaited college student apartment officially began. Yanping, chairman of the board of directors of Yuchai group, Li Tiansheng, vice chairman, Gu tangsheng, President, Zhang Jiasha, deputy secretary of the Party committee and other company leaders, as well as all staff of the headquarters of the group company, leaders of various departments of the joint stock company, representatives of New College students and employees of Yuchai and representatives of the construction unit attended the commencement ceremony

Yan Ping speaks at the commencement ceremony

Yuchai college student apartment is a residential center integrating catering, shopping, leisure and activities. The project is located in the southwest of the intersection of Yuchai road and Miaoyuan road in Yulin city. The phase I project covers an area of 5040 square meters, with a total construction area of 47286 square meters, 29 floors, a building height of 95 meters, and a green space rate of 36.12%. The total number of residential households is 910, including 832 business rooms, 78 two bedrooms and one living room, and the planned resident population is 2728; The residential building is equipped with 6 elevators, which can also be used for plastics, such as computer modified granulation And central heating, water supply system and other facilities. The construction investment of the project is 70million yuan, which is expected to be delivered in July 2012. After Yuchai college students' apartment is put into use, it will reverse the current housing shortage of Yuchai college students' employees at one time, completely solve the worries of new employees' housing, and lay a good foundation for the further development of the group and the realization of the grand goal of the 12th Five Year Plan

Li Tiansheng announced the commencement of the project

Yuchai university apartment is one of the key projects of Yuchai square reconstruction project. In recent years, Yuchai group has developed rapidly and made remarkable achievements. With the continuous progress of building "100 billion Yuchai", Yuchai's requirements for its own infrastructure are also constantly improving, and it is imperative to speed up the construction of Yuchai square. Yuchai square is an important window for Yuchai group to display its image. The transformation of Yuchai square is one of the important projects of Yulin Municipal Party committee and government to implement the strategy of "strengthening Yuchai and rejuvenating Yulin", and it is also an urgent need for Yuchai to further improve its image, enhance its core competitiveness, and continue to become stronger and bigger

At the opening ceremony of Yuchai college student apartment, Yan Ping said that the college student apartment that started construction today is a very important part of the development of our group. Talent is fundamental for Yuchai to build a 100 billion enterprise. If we want to retain talents, we must accept all rivers. To attract a large number of talents nationwide and globally, we should build the best living environment and humanistic environment for college students. Although the location of Yulin is not the best in the country, the living environment of intellectuals we plan should be built with the highest standards, the best ideas and the best corporate culture. Therefore, the transformation of Yuchai square and the construction of College Students' apartments will have far-reaching significance for the development of Yuchai

effect drawing of college student apartment building

the limit of harmful materials in solvent based wood coatings of the group company GB18581 ⑵ 001 Zeng Shiqiang, assistant chairman of the Bureau, presided over the commencement ceremony of Yuchai college student apartment. Li Tiansheng announced the official commencement of the project, and Gu tangsheng introduced the project. The representative of the construction unit delivered a speech and promised to complete the construction of the project with high standards and efficiency

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