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National Development and Reform Commission: the textile industry has determined the key points of scientific and technological progress in the 12th Five Year Plan. According to the news from the national development and Reform Commission, in order to speed up the adjustment and upgrading of China's textile industry structure and continue to maintain its international competitive advantage, the China Textile Industry Association recently issued the outline of scientific and technological progress in the textile industry during the 12th Five Year Plan (hereinafter referred to as the outline), defining the key tasks of industrial scientific and technological progress. The outline points out that during the "12th Five Year Plan" period, China's textile industry will increase efforts to tackle key technologies, promote advanced and applicable process technologies and equipment on a large scale, improve the scientific and technological innovation system, speed up the construction of the textile talent team, and comprehensively improve the production efficiency and output of the textile industry. 4.2.7 displacement (COD) extension and annex ★ 1) dynamic accuracy: no more than 0.5% of the indicated value; 2) The data collection speed meets the maximum experimental frequency requirements during the experiment; 3) The deformation limit shall not be less than 2.5 mm, and the added value of the product. We will strengthen scientific and technological progress in the following areas:

first, we will carry out basic research and strengthen the research on basic theories and cutting-edge technologies in key areas such as fiber material processing, spinning and weaving processing, printing and dyeing processing, intelligent textiles, clothing and home textile culture, and textile machinery manufacturing

second, strengthen the R & D and innovation of textile fiber materials, and develop a batch of high-performance organic chemical synthetic fiber engineering materials that reach the international advanced level; Dalifa plays the role of basic building materials, develops super simulation and various functional fibers, and uses natural biochemical raw materials such as animals, plants and minerals to develop biomass fibers

The third is to strengthen the research and development of new spinning, new weaving, special weaving, wide and heavy fabric weaving and other technology and equipment; Accelerate the research, popularization and application of high machine number and forming weaving, warp and weft knitting double-layer and multi-layer composite weaving, jacquard weaving and other knitting technologies, non-woven and composite technologies; Increase the R & D and promotion of high-efficiency short process pretreatment technology for printing and dyeing, printing and dyeing technology without water and less water, and functional finishing technology; We will vigorously develop high value-added textiles that are technical, personalized, functional, green, environmentally friendly and intelligent, and further improve the competitiveness of our textile products in the domestic and international markets

fourth, accelerate the research, development and promotion of green environmental protection technologies, resource recycling technologies, advanced and applicable processes, technologies and equipment with high performance, high efficiency, energy conservation and emission reduction, eliminate backward production capacity, fully complete the national tasks of energy conservation, emission reduction and elimination, and accelerate the upgrading of industrial technology

is to vigorously develop automatic, digital, intelligent and information-based textile manufacturing technology. Starting from the design, process, production, equipment, testing, evaluation and sales of textiles and clothing, it also has all the advantages of the electro-hydraulic servo experimental machine, so as to realize the docking of electronic technology industrialization and information, and develop the textile fabric technology

sixthly, expand the scientific and technological innovation talent team, integrate the public service system of production, learning, research and cemented carbide bending experiment industry and other resources, accelerate the training of high-level leading talents and backbone teams in scientific research, engineering design and management, strengthen the professional skills training for on-the-job employees, comprehensively improve the overall quality of textile employees, and promote the improvement of industrial innovation ability and production efficiency

seventh, accelerate the improvement of the industry's scientific and technological innovation system, give play to the basic role of the market in allocating resources, and form an innovation mechanism with enterprises as the main body, close integration of industry, University, research and application, military and civilian integration, cross industry chain and cross department cooperation through the joint participation of enterprises, governments, industry associations and intermediary agencies, universities, scientific research institutes and technology transfer institutions, so as to promote the substantial improvement of the industry's scientific and technological innovation ability. Accelerate the establishment of an applicable technology public promotion system based on industrial clusters and based on the industry public service system, and promote the overall technical level of small and medium-sized enterprises

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