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The national development and Reform Commission plans to formulate and revise 1761 industrial standards, and the machinery industry has the most.

recently, the national development and Reform Commission has issued the project plan for formulating and revising industrial standards in 2008 for advanced performance utilization. According to the plan, 1761 items were included in the 2008 industry standard project plan. 850 items of drug release system can be formulated and 911 items can be revised. Among them, there are 1143 product standards, 386 basic, method and management standards, 66 energy conservation, emission reduction and safety standards, 114 engineering construction standards, 52 standard samples, and 178 international and foreign advanced standards

it is understood that the focus of the revision of the industry standards in 2008 is to give priority to the compilation of standard projects that are conducive to the implementation of industrial policies and industrial planning, the promotion of industrial technological progress, the guidance of industrial restructuring and structural optimization, the reconstruction of old industrial bases, market access and the standardization of market economic order by adhering to the system of rich experience in the automation equipment industry for many years; Highlight the standard projects of energy conservation and emission reduction, popularization and application of high and new technologies, industrialization of scientific research achievements, promotion of industrial upgrading and independent innovation, and promotion of new industrialization; Standard items required for establishing food safety and product safety assurance system; The key fields, key products, major equipment, advanced design and process and other technical standard projects determined in the industry planning, as well as the standard projects that need to be revised due to the effective adoption of international standards and foreign advanced standards and the review of industry standards. The whole industry standard formulation and revision plan involves 15 industries such as machinery, textile, light industry and electric power, of which the largest number is the machinery industry (526), followed by the light industry (230) and the chemical industry (197)

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