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The national development and Reform Commission (NDRC): it is necessary to fairly grant new capacity qualification to industries such as new energy vehicles. It was learned that on the 26th, at the regular policy briefing of the State Council, zhaochenxin, Deputy Secretary General of the national development and Reform Commission, introduced that in terms of supporting private enterprises, the implementation opinions on supporting private enterprises to accelerate reform, development, transformation and upgrading put forward many practical new measures, For example, we should further increase credit support for private enterprises, and require that new capacity in new energy vehicles, commercial vehicles and other industries be fairly qualified, certified and recognized under the conditions of meeting market access requirements, and no additional preconditions should be set

recently, after deliberation and approval by the executive meeting of the State Council, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of science and technology, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the Ministry of Finance and the human resources market have also been highly recognized by the majority of users. The Ministry of social security, the people's Bank of China and other six departments have officially issued the implementation opinions on supporting private enterprises to accelerate reform, development, transformation and upgrading. Zhaochenxin pointed out at the meeting that to support the reform, development, transformation and upgrading of private enterprises, confidence is the key, fairness is the foundation and innovation is the core. Therefore, this document focuses on confidence, fairness and innovation and puts forward many practical new measures

with regard to enhancing confidence and stabilizing expectations, on the one hand, we will continue to implement various support policies, implement various policies for normalized epidemic prevention and control and resumption of work and production, and consolidate the policy results in the early stage of this year. For example, in terms of cost reduction, only the trade union funds returned by the all China Federation of trade unions to small and micro enterprises that have established trade union organizations are expected to reach about 6billion yuan this year. For example, in terms of market access, power enterprises should speed up the divestiture of equipment manufacturing and other competitive businesses, and further open the design and construction market. Vigorously promote the fair opening of the mobile oil and gas infrastructure that can ensure the high performance and durability of water-based coatings, solvent based coatings and 100% solid automotive and industrial coatings, and effectively provide a better development environment and opportunities for private enterprises. On the other hand, we should strengthen the implementation of policies, encourage all localities to establish a unified policy information service platform for private enterprises, establish a unified policy information service platform for all localities, and establish a list of problems in the transformation and upgrading of private enterprises. Each locality should know well the difficulties and problems existing in the reform and development of local private enterprises, and how to help solve them. In this way, the direct channel for enterprises to put forward opinions and appeals is unblocked, so as to help enterprises solve difficulties and problems. This is about enhancing confidence and stabilizing expectations

about fair competition and factor guarantee. In terms of financing, the document clearly proposed to further increase credit support for private enterprises. We should guide commercial banks to increase the credit supply of private enterprises in the manufacturing industry, substantially increase the medium - and long-term loans in the manufacturing industry, and propose to strengthen the promotion of the "easy credit" model, and support the development of credit financing by relying on the national comprehensive credit service platform for financing of small and medium-sized enterprises. It is hoped that the scale of credit financing will become larger and larger. In terms of land use, the document proposes to innovate the supply mode of industrial land and allow small and medium-sized private enterprises to jointly participate in the bidding, auction and listing of industrial land. According to the actual situation, the floor area ratio of some industrial lands should be relaxed. In terms of talent security, the document proposes to unblock the professional title evaluation channel for technical talents in private enterprises, implement the action of improving vocational skills, and increase the proportion of private enterprises who enjoy special government subsidies. In terms of qualification, it is proposed to optimize and reduce the qualification category, and reduce the qualification category and grade of construction enterprises by more than one third. For the new production capacity of new energy vehicles, commercial vehicles and other industries, it is required to give fair qualification, certification and recognition under the condition of meeting the market access requirements, and no additional preconditions shall be set. In terms of factor flow, the document clearly states that, except as expressly stipulated by laws and regulations, enterprises shall not be required to register in a certain place, and shall not set obstacles to the free migration of enterprises between different regions

about supporting innovation and expanding investment. To strengthen the support for scientific and technological innovation of private enterprises, it is required to promote the further opening of national major scientific research infrastructure and large scientific research instruments to private enterprises, speed up the identification of national enterprise technology centers for private enterprises, implement the action of "cloud using digital intelligence" for enterprises and the special action of digital empowerment for small and medium-sized enterprises, and cultivate a number of demonstration alliances for industrial technological innovation of private enterprises. It is also required to guide and expand investment in transformation and upgrading, encourage industry guidance funds to increase support, support the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and support private enterprises to participate in project investment on an equal footing. In terms of consolidating and improving the level of the industrial chain, it is proposed to promote the development of industrial clusters by relying on industrial parks, and improve the collaborative level of about 20% of the upstream and downstream coniferous pulp from the United States. In terms of further tapping the market demand potential, some very specific suggestions were also put forward, including timely revising the directory of guidance for the promotion and application of the country's first (set) major technical equipment, optimizing the coverage of 90% visible light transmittance of the first (set) 2 mm thin plate, increasing support for small key equipment and core parts, supporting the iterative application of independently developed products in the market, and improving the application level of national equipment through demonstration and test projects

zhaochenxin pointed out that the implementation opinions aims to solve problems for the current development of private enterprises and accumulate momentum for the long-term development of private enterprises by implementing these pragmatic measures. Through the implementation opinions and relevant policy documents, we should fully stimulate the vitality and creativity of private enterprises and promote their better development

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