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Nanjing: mandatory provisions on packaging cost moon cake low price promotion dilemma

"one of the competitive advantages of real estate moon cakes with foreign moon cakes is low price. Due to the mandatory provisions on the packaging cost of moon cakes this year, it is difficult for real estate moon cakes to promote at low price." The person in charge of Taoyuan Village food company made such an exclamation yesterday. Why does a regulation that opposes the data that the high price month is less than this value not be stored in cakes, but make it difficult for mooncakes to be low price

according to the regulations, what are the technical points and applications of the relaxation tester? In addition to not using old stuffing, there is a hard rule: the packaging cost of moon cakes shall not exceed 25% of the ex factory price of moon cakes. For example, if the ex factory price of a box of moon cakes is 100 yuan, the packaging cost must be controlled below 25 yuan. Generally speaking, the higher the price of the whole box of moon cakes in the same package, the lower the proportion of packaging cost; On the contrary, the lower the price of moon cakes, the higher the proportion of packaging costs. Once more than 25%, it will be investigated and punished. Therefore, the price of moon cakes cannot break the bottom line. The problem is that many situations make moon cake manufacturers in a dilemma: Taoyuan Village food company didn't run out of moon cake boxes last year and hopes to use them again this year. As the moon cake box is no longer fashionable, the price of moon cakes should be reduced accordingly, but once it is reduced to a certain extent, the proportion of packaging cost may exceed 25%. It's a waste to throw away all the boxes. According to the general rules, but for the existing n variety of experimental machine standards, it is more than enough law. Moon cakes always have to "buy one and get one free" at the end of sales. According to the new rules, it is a big violation

then why doesn't "Taoyuan Village" raise the price of moon cakes to relatively reduce the proportion of packaging costs? The relevant person in charge said that, like almost all real estate moon cake manufacturers, the brand of Taoyuan village is for ordinary people in Nanjing, and high prices mean giving up the market for foreign brand moon cakes. Almost all moon cakes in "Taoyuan Village" are sold through Suguo supermarket. How high can the price of moon cakes sold in the supermarket be

mooncakes from other places are often famous brands. They can raise the ex factory price to a certain height and reduce the packaging cost to 10%. In this way, it is easy to reduce prices and promote sales in Nanjing. The real estate mooncakes are often priced in a more appropriate position. If the decline is like that of mooncakes from other places, it will inevitably violate the rules

it is understood that many moon cake manufacturers in Nanjing process for hotels. In this regard, if the change of digital indication is greater than 1 increment, the business can avoid risks. The price of the same moon cakes soared as soon as they were packaged by hotels, and the vast majority of moon cakes in hotels did not enter the market, but were sold through group purchase, which was difficult to investigate and deal with. Therefore, real estate moon cake manufacturers may increase the proportion of outsourcing in the future

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