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Nanjing Shenou communication - 12345 call center system

system introduction

12345 system is a very important government information construction project in the construction of smart city. Through the 12345 comprehensive service platform, the government integrates all units and departments that provide services to the public, such as public security, taxation, industry and commerce, urban management, water and electricity, medical treatment, etc., to provide various services for the masses. The masses can solve all the projects that need the government to provide services through 12345. The main functions are: answering, transferring (transmitting) the matters that the masses consult, ask for help, criticize, complain, report and put forward opinions and suggestions to the government through 12345, so that the matters reflected by the masses are managed, asked and handled by others, improve administrative efficiency, and promote the transformation of the work style of departments at all levels, We should maintain close ties between the party and the government and the masses

system technical scheme

1, scheme diagram

2, overall description of the system

the system is mainly composed of three parts: end app, call center functional modules, 12345 service station

the system is currently connected to the telecom operator network system in the form of E1 dual office digital relay and dual route, realizing distributed groups, which are flexible and suitable for multiple units to share the core platform

the main equipment of the call center system equipment can adopt redundant hot backup configuration to ensure the stability of the system. At the same time, it provides reserved interfaces for related systems, and also provides interfaces for docking with video surveillance, video conferencing, and personal dynamic information database of leaders, so as to meet the needs of future communication development trends

3. Mobile terminal


system development special dial to replace the original system dial system, through the combination with communication video, the system can complete the dial operation more quickly and efficiently

when dialing out with this function, you can select a hidden number, and the system will take the office fixed number as the calling. When the other party answers, the caller is displayed as 12345 to avoid exposing the number

the system first sends a group SMS meeting notice to the participants, and requires the other party to reply 001 if he can attend the meeting on time, and will not participate in reply 002

for participants who do not reply. The system automatically converts the text of the short message into automatic voice, initiates the call, and requires to press 1 to attend the meeting on time. If not, press 2

for participants who do not answer or are busy, resend the call after 15 minutes

those who will attend the meeting on time and those who will not attend the meeting. And the list of people who can't be contacted to send text messages to the secretary

two hours before the meeting, the system will automatically send a text message to the participants who have replied on time. As a reminder

mobile government office

the system includes mail management, urgent to-do, to-do official documents, to be approved applications, to-do items, latest documents, notice announcements, common functions, etc

convenience address book

set convenience communication, built-in public health, industry and commerce, traffic police, etc., to facilitate people to dial directly and divert 12345 pressure

confirm the permission according to the binding number, and understand the solution of the reaction problem in real time

accept the poll prompts initiated by 12345 and conduct a poll. Lock the number through technical means to realize one machine one vote and ensure the fairness of the investigation and voting

introduction to the main functions of the system

ivr module

call announcement: when the user dials 12345, the system automatically broadcasts welcome words for the user, such as Hello, welcome to dial 12345, etc., and the welcome words can also be changed according to the actual situation

acd queuing: you can set the incoming call allocation method and strategy, and intelligently allocate incoming calls to the corresponding seats, that is, answer in turn according to the order of seat numbers. Priority can also be assigned by group, seat and category

call number interception: obtain the real-time call number data through the hardware switch protocol data, and the system will automatically trigger the pop-up interface

matching user information: when a user calls, the system will automatically search all the information of the user in the system according to the caller's number, but at present, the outside world cannot deny the information

add order: you can add an order directly on the incoming call pop-up screen, which is convenient and fast to process incoming calls

transfer: handle traffic transfer function, with transfer function and work order transfer function. It can intelligently judge whether the transferred person is idle to ensure safe and reliable transfer

three party call: the agent can set the function of three-party call to realize rapid transaction processing

meeting: for emergencies, the sitting personnel can initiate a voice meeting, notify the personnel to hold a meeting, conduct a voice meeting, and specify the right to speak. It is convenient for leaders to deal with problems quickly

monitoring: monitor each extension, and perform forced insertion and removal

status monitoring: monitor each extension and check the working status of each extension from time to time, so that the wire core can be preheated and the cable core can be dried efficiently

work order entry: when answering the call from the agent, realize the immediate entry of the work order. The electronic tensile testing machine literally means to stop the instrument operation of tensile testing

work order distribution: the receiving agent or classification agent realizes the immediate distribution of work orders

work order query: you can query all work order information with multiple conditions, which is convenient and fast

work order summary: carry out statistical analysis on the matters reflected by the masses, form a special report on the problems with universality and tendentiousness, as well as the hot spots and difficulties concerned by the masses, and report to the municipal Party committee and the municipal government.

work order deletion: users with the permission to delete work orders can delete the work orders that have been processed or expired, and support the group deletion function

automatic reminder of work orders: for unprocessed work orders, the system will automatically remind the tracking agent of the operation and automatically forward it to the supervision department

work order Supervision: for work orders that cannot be completed on time, the system will be handed over to the Municipal Supervision Bureau for supervision and accountability of the handling department. Feedback the supervision and accountability to the relevant leaders of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government and 12345

work order tracking: track the status of all work orders. You can query, modify and delete all work orders according to your permissions

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