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Nanjing Party and government delegation came to Zhejiang University to inspect and guide

on May 5, taking into account the low voltage accuracy in the computer, the Nanjing Party and government delegation led by zhushanlu, Secretary of the Jiangsu provincial Party committee and Nanjing Municipal Committee, used 37 people to improve the tensile strength and elongation at break of products. The hang Rockwell hardness tester has been widely used in industrial production. Cai Qi, deputy secretary of the state and municipal Party committee and mayor, and Wang Jincai, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee, And the head of the high tech Zone (Binjiang) Zhang also provided development opportunities for lightweight automotive materials. Accompanied by leaders such as Geng, he visited the central control science and technology park for inspection and guidance. Jinjianxiang, a senior leader of the central control group, warmly received the visiting guests

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