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Nanjing Juxing launched high-quality product jx-10 compatibilizer

buy compatibilizer. What kind of toughener is good? It is a problem that puzzles many companies. For most companies, since they decide to buy, they don't care about adding more money, but the quality and technology should be guaranteed. Today, Huicong plastic is not allowed to change all the water materials during the maintenance period, so I will introduce to you the compatibilizer and toughener with high performance developed by Nanjing Juxing polymer material Co., Ltd

by providing customized appearance color design, compatibilizer, also known as compatibilizer, refers to the auxiliary agent that promotes the combination of incompatible two polymers with the help of intermolecular bonding force, so as to obtain stable blends. Here, it refers to polymer compatibilizer. At the same time, toughening agents are a kind of additives that can reduce the brittleness of composites and improve the impact resistance of composites. It can be divided into active toughening agent and non active toughening agent. Active toughening agent refers to that its molecular chain contains active groups that can react with the matrix resin. It can form a complex structure and increase a part of the tolerance of flexible direct marking deviation. It is used to mark the tolerance of plastic parts, so as to improve the impact resistance of composites. Inactive toughening agent is a kind of toughening agent that is well miscible with matrix resin, but does not participate in chemical reaction

recently, jx-10 product with high performance developed by Nanjing Juxing polymer material Co., Ltd. came out. So what are the properties of this product

product supplier: Nanjing Juxing polymer material Co., Ltd.

jx-10 compatibilizer

brand: Nanjing Juxing

model: jx-10

jx-10 product description product characteristics:

this product is a compatibilizer and toughener of maleic anhydride grafted ethylene elastomer, which is mainly used for the reinforcement and toughening of PA, PP and PE. Due to its good reaction compatibility, it can quickly disperse the elastomer in engineering plastics, Form a phase structure with fine dispersion of elastomer phase and close combination of two-phase interface. It is widely used in engineering plastics, such as glass fiber reinforcement and toughening, flame retardant reinforcement and toughening, engineering plastic alloys and other products

physical parameters

Product Brand melt index, g/10min reactive group content,% melting point, ℃ product appearance

jx-10 0.5~5.5 0.75~1.2 105 translucent particles

note: ① the above physical property data are only provided as a reference for material selection

② test conditions: 190 ℃, 2.16kg

Test Method for specific surface area of cement gb8074 (8)

typical application:

1. Nylon toughener: 1.Used for toughening PA6 and PA66 Strengthen and toughen, flame retardant and toughen, enhance flame retardant and toughen, improve the impact resistance, cold resistance, molding processability and reduce water absorption of nylon,

2. PP toughener: suitable for PP toughening, PP filling toughening, etc

3. Polymer alloy compatibilizer: suitable for pa/pe and pa/pp alloys, which can greatly improve the toughness of the alloy


mix and granulate the products that need to be modified in proportion. According to the product requirements and taking into account the cost, it is recommended to increase or decrease the use of an appropriate amount by 5~10%,

packaging and storage and transportation:

25kg/package, non dangerous goods, store and transport under dry conditions, avoid sunlight and rain

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