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Nanjing middle school students present gifts to the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China. Self made musical instruments play the "descendants of the dragon"

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a group of Nanjing middle school students, using the newly learned knowledge in physics class, personally made plucked, orchestral and percussion instruments, and played the "descendants of the dragon". The teachers and students of the whole school sang in unison, offering the youngest and most creative blessings to the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China

at 8:40 yesterday morning, all the students of Nanjing Zhiyuan junior middle school gathered on the playground, raised the national flag and sang the national anthem. This morning meeting was particularly different. More than 20 students in grade two of junior high school stepped onto the stage and played straw clarinet, water pipe horizontal flute, glass nixie tube display bottle piano, test tube Sheng, milk box guitar... "There is a river in the Far East, and its name is the Yangtze River..." self-made musical instruments sent out wonderful music. Vice principal Zhang Yanguang and teacher Zhang Mingming led the singing, and all teachers and students sang "descendants of the dragon" together, with clear singing, Straight into the blue autumn sky

"my horizontal flute is made of PVC water pipe. The nine holes on it are punched with a gun for drilling screws. The spacing of each hole is calculated using the formula taught by our physics teacher." Xinzihao, a boy, was the first "musician" to sound. His horizontal flute was the first solo. Who would have thought that this young man knew nothing about musical instruments a week ago. "It took me half a day to make this flute, and it took me half a day to play it, and it took me two days to practice playing the melody of the descendants of the dragon." Xinzihao told that because he personally made the magnetic float type, pontoon type and liquid level transmission ultrasonic liquid level gauge, he had a strong interest in musical instruments and had an unyielding spirit of "we must blow well", and "it was really the most thorough understanding and practice of instrumental music in this process"

Bi Xinyu and easy to open packaging and portable packaging are prominent trends that will maintain growth momentum in the future. Wang Jianan is a good friend, and they have made the same kind of musical instrument - string music. "We use milk boxes as resonance boxes and rubber bands and nylon ropes as sounding strings. Although the volume is low, it can emit different tones." Bi Xinyi learned guitar for a short time in the first grade of primary school, and Wang Jianan also learned zither. The experience of making musical instruments made the two boys rekindle their love for music

the musical instrument of girl Zhang Yuxuan is relatively "large" - seven spindle shaped glass bottles containing water, making a particularly clear sound. "This is a percussion instrument. In order to test the treble 'West', I constantly adjust the water volume." Zhang Yuxuan can play the piano. With her musical sense, she finally adjusted the water filling volume of the seven bottles to the most accurate position. "Physics teacher Zhou Wei has always encouraged us to dare to question and experiment by ourselves. Last week, we also held a paper airplane competition." She said

girl Luo Xinyan played guitar band 8. With the help of vice principal Zhang Yanguang, she tried to make a guitar for the first time and completed a performance that made people see ③ chemical recycling shine before. "The resonance box of this guitar is a waste paper box, and the wooden board with strings on it is the waste wooden floor from the decoration of president Zhang's home." Luo Xinyan said that the biggest difficulty is tuning, testing the tone and intonation again and again, and now this is basically a mature instrument

Liu Yuxiang, a boy, has a powerful musical instrument. Eight test tubes are lined up in a row. They look like Sheng tubes. Different amounts of water are put in each test tube. "My instrument also uses the air column to make sound. The volume is not large, but each has its own tone." He explained

Zhang Yanguang told that under the guidance of the teacher, all the students in grade two of junior high school made their own musical instruments. The children highlighted their awareness of green environmental protection, chose their own materials, calculated and made them by themselves according to the formula. What is more valuable is that in the process of bringing knowledge into practice, they have clearer physical concepts such as effective vocal body and air column, and really learn to use

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