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Nanjing KUKA robot teaching pendant maintenance internal information tutorial

Nanjing KUKA robot teaching pendant maintenance internal information tutorial

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Nanjing KUKA robot teaching pendant maintenance internal information tutorial

Nanjing KUKA robot teaching pendant maintenance internal information tutorial the principle of self-learning is to apply motor control theory to realize the establishment of motor mathematical model and the calculation of regulator parameters in frequency converter Count. The method of self-learning time limit: step, calculate the static mathematical model of the motor from the motor nameplate data. The second step is to energize the motor, test the voltage and current of the motor, obtain dynamic parameters and calculate them, and then correct the deviation of static calculation. The third step is to run the motor without load, test the "start time" of the motor, and then dynamically calculate the time constant of the regulator to determine the PI parameter value. There is no difference in the method between closed-loop "self-learning" and open-loop "self-learning", but there is a difference in calculation. The former is the calculation of vector control, and the latter is the calculation of scalar control. If you want to implement the self-learning mode under the connected load state, you need to use the stop self-learning mode. The frequency converter manufacturer introduces the use of motors with constant output characteristics and high-precision applications. When necessary, it is necessary to implement self-learning mode under the condition of separated load. Take Yaskawa inverter as an example

Lingke Automation Technology Co., Ltd.: established in 2006, it is a professional service provider focusing on the maintenance of industrial automation electronic equipment. We are committed to the development of Chinese industry and solve problems for enterprises. With professional technical personnel, accumulated experience for many years, solid technical force and professional quality, the company has advanced testing instruments, which can provide enterprises with fast and high repair rate maintenance services. With the tenet of honest, professional and fast service, it has been trusted and supported by many customers

after years of rapid development, with the continuous expansion of market demand The service is based in Jiangsu, and continues to extend and radiate across the country. All colleagues of huakexing have greater confidence to serve the after-sales maintenance field and provide professional maintenance technical services for our customers

maintenance scope: electronic R & D procedures. Constantly learn to improve the quality of maintenance technology, constantly optimize their own technical services, and uphold the corporate purpose of creating value for customers and opportunities for employees

now it has formed the maintenance of frequency converters and servos of brands such as Yaskawa, Mitsubishi, Siemens, Delta, AB, abb, Schneider, Viken, KEB, Lenz, Danfoss, Emerson, Fuji, Toshiba, Toyo avoid harmful gases, dust and oil mist, Panasonic, Dongyuan, Sanken, Hitachi, DC governor maintenance, high frequency (low frequency) power supply maintenance, touch screen maintenance, FANUC and other CNC machine tools maintenance All kinds of equipment electronic circuit board maintenance. R & D and production of ice water machine. Efficient service has been recognized by many partners. We will provide you with economical and professional services with the most professional technical service spirit

service guarantee: in order to protect the interests of customers to a large extent, free testing machines for repaired products will not charge testing fees! The maintenance products must have strict load test before leaving the factory. At the same time, we provide customers with 180 day warranty! These services have greatly improved customers' trust in us

Nanjing KUKA robot teaching pendant maintenance internal information tutorial L3. When the servo motor is mechanically installed, because the rotary encoder is installed at the rear end of each servo motor, it is a very fragile optical device of precision Solvay, which operates business in China. Too much impact will definitely damage it. How to select the type of frequency converter is a problem that our technicians and business quotation personnel often encounter. Here are some methods and ideas summarized according to the actual work experience. The first factors to be considered include: brand, power, current, voltage, load (that is, the equipment driven by the motor), application occasions, and some options to be paid attention to when selecting, such as whether the control panel is purchased separately, and whether the filter is needed. Electric reactor, braking resistance, braking unit, etc. Some professional equipment should choose special frequency converter. For example, in injection molding machines, elevators, textiles, some occasions, it is better to choose a special frequency converter, in other words. Whether considering business or technology, brand selection is very important. There are hundreds of brands in the market, abb and Siemens

some faults can directly display the alarm reason on the screen; Although some have alarm information on the screen, they do not directly reflect the cause of the alarm; There are also some faults that do not generate alarm information, but some actions do not execute. In the latter two cases, tracking the operation of PLC program is an effective method to diagnose the fault. For simple faults, the operation of the program can be tracked according to the status of the program through the PLC display information, the status of relevant input, output and flag bits, while for complex faults, the programmer must be used to track the operation of the program. If a water pump does not work, it is found that the corresponding PLC output port is 0, so it is found that the hot water pump is also controlled by the water temperature through checking the program. If the water temperature is not enough, the PLC does not output, and the fault is eliminated after the water temperature rises. Since PLC came into people's life as a substitute for heavy contactor control cabinet, PLC has played an important role in the development of industrial production and science and technology. Almost most of the complex electric drives are controlled by PLC

the service life of general fans, for example, from PTFE extrusion to knitting, is about 10kh-40kh. According to the continuous operation of the frequency converter, the fan should be replaced once every 2-3 years. The direct cooling fan can be divided into two-wire and three wire. One wire of the two-wire fan is the positive pole and the other wire is the negative pole. Do not connect it incorrectly during replacement; In addition to the positive and negative poles of the three wire fan, there is also a detection line. Be careful when replacing it, otherwise it will cause the frequency converter overheat alarm. The AC fan is generally divided into 220V and 380V, and the voltage level should not be wrong when replacing. Intermediate circuit filter capacitor: also known as electrolytic capacitor, its main function is to smooth DC voltage and absorb low-frequency harmonics in DC. The heat generated by its continuous work plus the heat generated by the frequency converter itself will accelerate the drying up of its electrolyte and directly affect its capacity. Under normal circumstances, the service life of the capacitor is 5 years. It is recommended to check the capacitance regularly once a year. Generally, the capacitance should be replaced if it is reduced by more than 20%. The frequency converter suddenly makes a sound during operation

④ poor mechanical transmission system. The reasons for the serious wear of the motor brush or the scratches on the brush surface are as follows: ① the spindle motor works continuously for a long time with overload. ② The surface of the commutator of the spindle motor is too dirty or scarred, ③ there is cutting fluid on the brush. ④ Improper setting and adjustment of driver control circuit, Jiangsu College of animal husbandry and veterinary technology (design 2 example of failure maintenance of DC spindle drive system) is equipped with Siemens 6ra26xx series DC spindle driver. After starting up, the spindle alarm is displayed. Analysis and processing process: check Siemens 6ra26xx series DC spindle driver, and the meaning and prompt of the alarm is "power failure" 。 The possible reasons are: ① the phase sequence of the power supply is reversed, and ② the power supply lacks phase. The phase is incorrect, ③ the power supply voltage is lower than 80% of the rated value, the input voltage of the measured driver is normal, the phase sequence is correct, but the main drive still has an alarm

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