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Nanjing non-standard filling machine Lirui electric high quality and safety

Nanjing non-standard filling machine Lirui electric high quality and safety

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small land occupation, closed energy conservation and environmental protection, no pollution, fully automatic control of buried sewage treatment equipment, low noise, convenient maintenance, The treatment process of the integrated sewage treatment equipment: raw water → grille → regulating tank → lifting pump → bioreactor → circulating pump → membrane module → disinfection device → reclaimed water storage tank → advantages of Nanjing non-standard filling machine of the integrated prefabricated pump station of reclaimed water system:, integrated integrated pump station, As an integrated pump station, there is a prefabricated corrosion-resistant FRP cylinder, submersible cutting sewage pump, pressure pipeline system, crushing grid intelligent remote control system, which has signed product sales contracts with several 10 domestic enterprises. The fixed protection of large capacity safety redundancy ensures the perfect matching of all parts, and can fully meet the quality requirements of users. It is solid and beautiful, and covers a small area, The main body of the pump station is made of filament wound FRP, and its strength is twice that of the traditional laminated FRP. It can completely resist tearing corrosion and other destructive forces, so it is strong and durable

the buried structure makes it integrated with the surrounding environment, beautiful and generous, and the project cycle is short. The integrated pump station completes the installation and commissioning of various components in the factory. After the goods arrive at the site, they only need to be positioned as a whole. The installation and commissioning time required for burial is much shorter than that of the traditional pump station, which is efficient, environmentally friendly and cost-effective. The self configuring control operation system is not perfect, and it ensures that the pump automatically and efficiently operates according to the size of the incoming water, The internal flow state is good. The system can be self-cleaning, without sedimentation, closed and odorless. It meets the requirements of environmental protection and is fully automatic controlled. The supporting submersible pump adopts liquid level floating ball to automatically control the startup and shutdown; The crushing grid is normally open and can automatically reverse in case of large objects

the whole pump station operates automatically, without the need for special personnel to be on duty, which is convenient for installation and maintenance. Hohhot quantitative filling machine does not need to enter the cylinder. The water pump and grille can be hoisted in and out from the top, which reduces unnecessary trouble and has a long service life. The self purified thin shell shaft base and smooth inner wall ensure long-term use and no maintenance; The grating pipes of the water pump are made of anti-corrosion materials with long service life. The top cover of the integrated prefabricated pump station is composed of FRP side covers and openable pump station cover plates. The shaft part of the barrel prefabricated pump station, and the base is connected with the concrete base plate to fix the prefabricated pump station. The electromechanical equipment of the integrated prefabricated pump station mainly includes the water pump and its auxiliary equipment, sewage interception and cleaning equipment, crushing grating pressure pipe valve equipment control system, etc, Automatic coupling system the interface between submersible pump and fixed pipeline is called automatic coupling system

the process of entering the construction site or other designated places to land, complete the unpacking, acceptance, handover, and delivery for temporary storage, and install and debug the mobilized integrated prefabricated pump station on the specified infrastructure or facilities according to the construction assembly drawings and relevant installation technical standards, Complete the process of leveling and stabilizing mechanical assembly and equipment connection, electrical wiring and test constant value adjustment and test, local and centralized control simulation action test, so that this is a marketing measure. The integrated prefabricated pump station meets the conditions of Chongqing non-standard filling machine for trial operation. The integrated prefabricated pump station has a small volume, but the available effective volume is excellent. The cylinder adopts advanced materials such as glass fiber reinforced plastics (GRP) or vinyl ester (PE), which is reliable in quality and light in weight, The pump pit with low cost adopts the design of fluid dynamics, which has the function of good flow state, no blockage and self-cleaning

equipped with high-quality and high-performance submersible sewage pump, its widely used sensors constantly monitor the water pump, which ultimately confirms the energy consumption and operation status of the vehicle, greatly reduces the maintenance cost, and has a high degree of automation. It can realize remote monitoring and management, and can also realize the functions of real-time remote data unlimited transmission and automatic generation of operation reports at the same time. It is safe to use. Its reasonable design greatly reduces the generation of highly toxic and malodorous gases and protects the environment, Completely buried installation, after installation, it will not affect the surrounding environment and landscape, and the installation cycle is short, which saves most of the costs and saves time and effort in maintenance

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