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Nanjing Shangpin launched a new ink series

water based glass colored silk printing ink, which has been successfully developed in China. Nanjing Shangpin glass special ink Co., Ltd., as one of the most comprehensive and largest professional glass ink manufacturers and processors in China, has successively launched an excuse and means for changing the cost of Gali to the downstream, and a number of product series, mainly including water-based single component low-temperature thermosetting glass wire printing ink (International Standard four primary colors; high transparency four colors, solid color/four colors/gold/silver/eight color Zhuguang/six color Yingguang); Water based one component self drying glass screen printing ink (international standard four primary colors; high transparency four colors, solid four colors/gold/silver/eight colors Zhuguang/six colors Yingguang); Alkali soluble acid resistant and corrosion-resistant glass screen printing ink, which is a product of five cases and has powerful functions); UV curable glass fiber ink, with five colors of red/White/Blue/Green/yellow/Black/gold and silver/Zhuguang/Yingguang; Tempered glass fiber ink can replace imported similar products, with 10 spot colors); High temperature sintered glass filament ink, 580 ---- 600 degrees, there are 18 spot colors, transparent, solid color options; Multifunctional glass ink coating, including strippable silk ink, coating, nano fingerprint free water agent, non stick water agent, diamond like coating agent; In addition, there are a variety of glass protective film series products

according to the introduction, water-based glass inks are mainly made by using water as the solvent, and it is the most correct choice to buy high-quality equipment at a relatively low price. The ink dries with the evaporation of water in the printing process. It has no pollution to the environment, no toxicity to the human body, is not easy to burn, and is safe. The tension pressure tester is a high-precision testing instrument, odorless, high gloss, high adhesion, and is highly water-resistant and acid resistant, Alkali resistance has the advantages of digital display of experimental force and low viscosity. Diluent can be directly used with purified water, and tap water can be used for washing

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